Saturday, September 24, 2011

UFO over Greece (Sept 22, 2011)

UFO outer space phenomena September 22, 2011 Hurst, Texas

UFO activity Yukon nightvision September 22, 2011 beginning around 8:13pm Hurst, Texas

UFO MOTHERSHIP daytime over Denver Coloardo 22 September 2011 by Magnetflipper

Ovni estacionario en Quito "bola_roja"

Sakurajima Volcano Objects UFOs? September 21 2011 - Sakurajima Volcano Objects UFOs? September 21 2011 Video

Close Up Of Glowing UFO Spotted In Sweden9/22/2011 - close up of glowing UFO spotted in Sweden9/22/2011 Video

Low Unidentified Objects Flying Together.20/09/11 - Low Unidentified Objects Flying Together.20/09/11. Video

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UFO passing in front of the moon slow motion

New Footage of Blue Ufo's over a city on 09-04-2011.

UFO Melbourne Night Vision IMPOSSIBLE MANOEUVRE Sept 6 2011

UFO MAKES VORTEX!!!(August 2011)

UFO Night Vision Australia THIS IS JUST TOO WEIRD!! Sept 7 2011

UFO Grounds Air Traffic China 2011

UFO 'Three objects' in formation over Australia Night Vision 5th Sept 2011

UFO 5th September 2011

UFOs Above Turkey 4-Sep-2011 - UFOs above Turkey 4-Sep-2011 Video